Fundraising for a print run is about to begin now that the first 250 Remembrance Brochures have gone out to hospitals around the country. We have word that the brochures, provided for free to health organisations, are used as a matter of course in Canterbury as well as in Auckland and the Waikato. Recently 45 copies have been distributed to organisations in the South of the South Island.

So, more brochures are needed in 2016. We have prices for printing between 250 and 1000 brochures.

x250 = $143.75 +GST
x500 = $252.50 +GST
x1,000 = $470.00 +GST

If you would like to contribute to the costs of printing this would be much appreciated.

Free downloads of the brochure are also available here »

As background, almost all costs associated with the set up of Remembrance Photography in 2014 have been self-funded, including printing, postage, domain and web hosting, all graphic and web design (that’s my main gig). Generously, 50% of registration costs to present on Remembrance Photography at the SANDS NZ 2015 conference were donated; airfares, accommodation and expenses for the rest of the trip to Wellington were self-funded.

Many thanks for your very much appreciated donations
– Nicola Devine

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At this time, Remembrance Photography is not a registered charity. This is due to the amount of work involved in registration, better used to getting the brochures out there at the moment!