How to continue to connect with your baby

Many bereaved parents already know about the increasingly common practice of taking photos of precious first, second or third trimester stillborns and terminally ill babies.

Once baby is no longer here, you can continue to connect with them by documenting events, places or objects that remind or represent your baby. The beautiful thing is there is always something you can photograph, no matter how long baby has been gone.

Photographs can be the start of an album or added to one you already have, framed for display, or shared online with friends and family.


If you have old photos that need photoshopping then a free service is available through the charity Heartfelt. This process may take several weeks. You can email digitised, high res versions of your best 2-3 photos to (Australia and New Zealand).


• Clothes such as booties, hat, cardigan, onesie
• Baby blanket
• The sunrise or sunset of their birthday or anniversary
• A piece of memorial jewellery
• A memorial tree (add ribbons)
• A butterfly release
• A birthday cake
• Casts of their hands or feet
• A hand drawn portrait
• A framed photo
• A special ornament
• A candle
• An object with the first letter of their name or whole name on it
• Flowers that are blooming
• A toy or book
• A Christmas ornament
• A special anniversary photo shoot with you, your partner and some of the above objects or at a special place.